ESE Extra trips

Every year AMAVET organises trips to Croatian Baško Polje camp, full of easy science activities and experiments for our participants. Thus we have decided to propose you an Extra ESE 2014 trip- a week full of sun, sea and science in Croatia at Baško Polje camp, situated at Makarska Riviera. The program is based on experiments from the fields of chemistry, biology, ecology, astronomy, zoology and botany. The trip would start immediately after ESE 2014. If you are not interested in Croatia, you can spend one extra day in Slovakia and we propose you to visit our mountains- High Tatras and one of the highest and most visited peaks- Lomnický štít (Lomnický peak).

One – day trip to Lomnický peak by cable-car


A trip to Lomnický štít peak by chair lift is among the most attractive adventures for tourists in the High Tatras and, indeed, it enjoys the popularity of the public. It reaches the differential height of 1,700 m and carries tourists to a height of 2,634 m above sea level in only a few minutes.

The only peak that surpasses it in height, is the Gerlachovský štít peak (2,654 m) situated about 7 km south-east, and it can be easily recognised for its unusually bevelled summit.
In fine weather, you can experience a uniquepanoramic view of the whole area on top of the Lomnický štít peak. If the visibility is good, one can see over the Belianske Tatras, the unending Polish plains, while in the opposite direction one captures perhaps a fifth of the Slovak territory. There is a natural botanic garden on Lomnický štít peak since 2008.
But if the weather is not agreeable, and this is only too often at this altitude, disappointed tourist are be surrounded by a milk-white mist, obscuring even the meteorological apparatuses placed right below the ledge.
The meteorological station is the highest located working place in Slovakia. In the 1950’s a new building for astronomers and a coronal station of the Institute of Astronomy belonging to the Slovak Academy of Sciences were added to the meteorological station. Astronomers are involved in the research of cosmic radiation. Interestingly, one can also use here the highest situated telephone booth in Slovakia.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA,

12.09.2014 Friday

08.00 am         Departure from Žilina

10.00 am         cable car to the peak with beautiful view and the excursion in the observatory of Astronomical institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences

15.00 am         departure to Žilina and home

Participation fee 65 €

Fee includes bus transport from Žilina to Tatranská Lomnica- 150 km and back, the cable-car to Lomnický peak and back (44 €), a lunch package.

You can find more information about Slovakia here.


One – day trip to High Tatras with a possibility to leave the programme anytime, according to your flight back home. There is a regular local train connection from Tatranská Lomnica to Poprad (direct trains to Bratislava). ESE trip bus departs from Tatranská Lomnica at with an expected arrival to Žilina at around 8 pm.



12.09.2014 Friday

06.00 pm      Departure from Žilina

13.09.2014 Saturday

  • Arrival to camp Baško Polje
  • Accommodation in Mobile houses
  • Introduction & ice breaking games

14.09.2014 Sunday

  • Easy Science – easy experiments from the field of chemistry
  • Free time activities – swimming, table tennis, sunbathing…

15.09.2014 Monday

  • Easy Science – easy experiments from the field of physics
  • Free time activities – football, cycling, trampoline

16.09.2014 Tuesday

  • Science – easy experiments from the field of astronomy
  • Free time activities – open-air cinema, trekking, walking by the see

17.09.2014 Wednesday

  • Easy Science – easy experiments from the field of zoology and botany- sea life
  • Free time activities – games, swimming

18.09.2014 Thursday

  • Easy Science – easy experiments from the field of biology
  • Free time activities and disco

19.09.2014 Friday

  • Easy Science – easy experiments from the field of ecology
  • Free time activities…

20.09.2014 Saturday

  • Departure from Ba3ko Polje

21.09.2014 Sunday

7.00 am      Arrival to Bratislava

Basic fee

Under 18’s: 139 €
Adults: 143 €
Bus transport from Žilina to Baško Polje (950km) and back to Bratislava , accommodation – mobile houses, incl. bed linen and energies, registration fee, Easy science activities, animators and delegate.

Food fee (voluntary)

Full board – simple menu (84 €)
Buffet breakfast (49 €) + buffet lunch (56 €) + buffet dinner (56 €)
Participants can cook their own meals (there is a kitchen in each mobile house).

Extra trips (voluntary)

Each trip costs from 12 to 40 € (paid directly on the spot)

  • Medjugorje & Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Hvar observatory
  • Dubrovnik (UNESCO listed town)
  • River Cetina rafting
  • Biokovo trekking: villages Bast & Topici
  • Imotski Blue & Red lakes

Photos & videos

Camp Baško Polje & surroundings:
Mobile houses:                          
Easy Science activities:             

Download the document: ESE Extra Trips.pdf