How to reach Zilina?

The best way is to land in Bratislava and take the bus. If you have no connections to Bratislava airport, you shall land in Vienna International Airport and take first the shuttle to Bratislava. More information and maps


The registrations are open online till the 15th May.

The organisations non affiliated to MILSET will require an accreditation from MILSET Europe to be able to proceed.

Fees & ratio

The registration fees are set at 265€ by person (participants and supervisors)
The ratio is set to one head of delegation + upto 1 supervisor for each 4 participants
  • 1-4 participants -> 1 head + upto 1 supervisor
  • 5-8 participants -> 1 head + upto 2 supervisors
  • 9-12 participants -> 1 head + upto 3 supervisors
  • etc.
The fee is covering the period from the morning 7th September to the afternoon 12th September 2014 and includes the catering, accommodation, local transport and official activities.


Please refer to the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Slovak Republic More information on: http://www.foreign.gov.sk/en/consular_info/visa